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Wine tours


Wine Tours in Georgia
A wine tour is a pleasant and more subtle way of exploring Georgia, its traditions and culture. The tour perfectly combines everything related to the wine traditions of Georgia and the whole world, a large number of tastings of all sorts of wines, traditional drinks, and of course - acquaintance with unsurpassed Georgian cuisine! All this will unfold before you, with the incredibly beautiful architectural and natural heritage of a unique country!

(5 nights - 6 days)

Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi, meet in the Airport and Transfer to the Hotel
Free time
19:00 –Dinner to the Traditional restaurant,
program with the tradition Folklore
Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 2: Tbilisi
Breakfast at the Hotel
10:00- Экскурсия по Старому городу.Ознакомление с достопримечательностями города,прогулка по парку Рике, подьем по канатке к Нарикала,откуда открывается удивительный вид на город. Также вам удасться прогуляться по ботаническому саду,а спустившись вы передёте мост Мира и попадёте к серным баням ( по желанию возможно посещение,как известно, после бани чувствуешь себя зановорожденным. О её целебных свойствах идут легенды.
13.00 Lunch, Visiting to the sulfur baths, by wish. Фуникулёр в Тбилиси
19:00 diner to the Wine restaurant
Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 3: Tbilisi-Mtskheta-Guramishvili Cellar
Breakfast at the Hotel
The ancient capital of Georgia -Mtskheta, which was the capital of Georgia before establishment of Tbilisi. Mtskheta is approximately 2,500 years-and are included in the UNESCO Heritage List – the town is sometimes called Georgian Jerusalem. Climb to Jvari Monastery, from where a panorama of the confluence of river Aragvi and river Mtkvari (Kura) are opens.
Visit to the Svetitskhoveli - the symbol of Georgia, under which the tunic of Jesus Christ was buried - a piece of clothing Cathedral, where the Kiton of Jesus Christ is kept, in which he was crucified.
13:00-Ланч в палате грузинского вина в городе Мцхета, в винном погребе которого расположен винный погреб царя Мириан, где у вас будет возможность познакомиться с грузинским традиционным методом изготовления вина, у которого есть 8000 летняя традиция. Вы сможете продегустировать 5 разных ароматов грузинской водки Чача, для вас откроют глиняный кувшин и вы попробуете вино Саперави. Затем вы отправитесь в монастырский комплекс Шиомгвиме.
18:00 Guramishvili Cellar,In Wine House we can take part of Georgian Barbecue, taste Georgian chacha (grape vodka), make churchkhela with your own hands, and taste the wine. Later, traditional dinner
Return to Tbilisi.
Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 4: Tbilisi-Telavi-Ikalto-Alaverdi-Kvareli
Breakfast at the Hotel
Drive to Kakheti, region is famous for its hospitality and winegrowing traditions. visit to Telavi and Ikalto Academy .After Visit to Alaverdi Cathedral (11th century), the highest church in the Caucasus for many centuries.
13:00 lunch in Akhalsopheli, Kvareli, to the Javakhishvili Cellar, with Wine degustation, and master class. We will see how the traditional Georgian bread is baked and Churchkhela is made. Visit to the Gremi Monastery Complex(16th century),return to Telavi
19:00 dinner to the Shuamta restaurant
Overnight in Telavi

Day 5: Tsinandali- Bodbe-Sighnaghi
Breakfast at the Hotel
First we will go to the fabulously beautiful village of Tsinandali. There we will visit the house-museum and the botanical garden of the prince and poet Alexander Chavchavadze, where the aristocracy of different countries gathered. In this estate you can walk along the paths of famous people, as well as visit the Tsinandal winery and the famous enoteca collection of old wines, which houses two centuries-old 185,000 bottles of 1600 kinds of wines. Then we visit the Necres Monastery Complex, the complex includes various buildings of the IV-XVI centuries.
13:00 - Lunch. Then you will find the city of Kvareli and the wine tunnel located nearby - the “Winery Khareba”. This is a tunnel dug under the slope of the Caucasus Mountains, the constant natural temperature of which is 12-14˚C throughout the year. And this is an ideal condition for storing wines. Wine tasting and familiarization with the technology of winemaking.
Through the city of Gurdjaani we go to the Bodbe Monastery - the holy place for the Georgian people, since Here is buried of sv. Nino, who spread Christianity in Georgia in the 4th century. Then we will go to Sighnaghi and see the sights of the fortress city of the XVIII century. Signagi is known as the city of love, you can see the marriage house, where marriage is possible around the clock, a unique 4,5km-svoy fence, which connects 23 towers, from these towers in front of you stretch amazing views of the cradle of Georgian winemaking, Alazani Valley.
19:00 Dinner and Wine Tasting in the Wine Cellar of Pheasant’s Tears, you will learn about the oldest tradition of making Georgian wine. In the wine cellar you will be treated to the best wine.
Overnight in Sighnaghi

Day 6: David Gareji- Manavi-Tbilisi
Breakfast at the Hotel
David Gareji monastery complex, carved in a cave. (VI century.) Throughout centuries, Davit Gareji was a cultural and educational centre.
13:00 - Lunch in Manavi - the Winery Giuaani, where you can to taste the delicious wine of various kinds. Try in this “Tone” to bake Georgian bread “Shotis puri” with your own hands, prepare the delicious Georgian sweetness of Churchkhela, which requires the preparation of nuts and grape juice.
Return to Tbilisi.
Free time
Transfer to the Tbilisi Airport.

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