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    Sairme - Nature Gift

    Sairme Hotels & Resort

    Balneology health resort Sairme in Baghdadi region is located 950 m. over the sea level in the ravine of the river Tsablari. The spa-resort Sairme is well known of its mineral water applied for urinary tracts and digestive system treatment

    Sairme is an essential balneological-climatic resort in Baghdadi region, in 27 kilometers from centre. Altitude 950 m above the sea level, in the valley of the Tsablaris tskali-River. The nearby mountain sides are overgrown with leaf-bearing (oak, beech, etc) and also coniferous woods. Climatic features are determined by the Resortís location in the forest zone of the subtropical belt. The major natural curative factors are mineral waters known since the end of the XIX century. The Resort of Sairme operates during the warm season (from May to November).

    Climate is mild: winters are with little snow (Average temperature in January -1.0C) and summers are temperately warm (Average temperature in August +18C);

    Hotel Sairme


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